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    Maps, filled and with markers?

    Lori Schomp

      Dear everyone,


      I have two files I'm hoping to combine in one map.

      File A -  counties as geographic role variables, and a 3 values county status variable); there are 68 counties

      File B - a list street addresses converted to  longitude and latitude, and county location; there are just a handful of these. I wanted to use a marker to show the long and latitude locations!


      1) I created a full union between the two files based on county.

      2) Instead of using the autogenerated long and lat, I used the x and y coordinates from my File B to create the markers map 

      3) Then copied and pasted the y coord to create a second axis.

      4) I'm able to add filled in counties on this second axis map, but its filtered to only fill in the counties that have a marker (ie are in File B), and not all the counties in the state that are in File A (68).

      5) I want the map on worksheet 1 to be behind the map with the markers on worksheet 2 in the attached workbook file.


      Grateful for any ideas on how to remove the filtering?


      *** Amending to all the file! I'd be grateful for help**** Thank you, all!