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    Interesting situation -- 12 cores, 12 backgrounders, but #8 & #9 stay Down

    Toby Erkson

      Here's a screen shot of QA (orange) and PROD (blue):

      QA:  Tableau Server 2018.1.1; primary 12 cores & 96GB RAM; worker 12 cores & 96GB RAM; 359GB free hard drive space.

      PROD:  Tableau Server 10.5.2; primary 12 cores & 164GB RAM; worker 12 cores & 96GB RAM; 1.58TB free hard drive space.

      Separate, dedicated VM environments.


      I killed the process task for the down Backgrounders and they came back to life but remained in the down status.  For both servers it's the same Backgrounders, #8 & #9.



      Not sure if this matters so I'll include it since it was unexpected and extremely annoying:  During the install I got this lovely message...

      ...and when the TS was started there were NO BACKGROUNDERS!  C'mon, seriously?!   So I performed the necessary commands to fix the .yml file (below image) and when the TS started there were no more messages but not all Backgrounders are functional

      I checked the workgroup.yml file and it has 12 for the max_process so that adjustment took.


      I'm a bit baffled why the same Backgrounders on two separate machines with two different TS versions are exhibiting the same issue.  I don't know where to look, what logs to check, what to search for...no clue.  Suggestions/ideas before I contact support?



      <edit>  I'm also noticing that it seems that only 8 Backgrounders will run, no more.  On the tabbed admin dashboards in the "Background tasks for extracts" there are 7 In Process tasks (and 13 Pending!) but in the "Background tasks for non extracts" there's only 1 In Process task.  So it seems that even though there appear to be 10 active backgrounders (all available 10 Backgrounders are spinning and thus are Active) only 8 are capable of being used at once.    I think? 

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