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    Split list into multiple rows

    Anne Brown



      Not sure if this is even possible, however, i have a dashboard which contains a row of countries (49 in total), is it possible to split the view of that list, so there are 15 countries/flags per row?


      Rather than at the moment where i have to scroll across


      Tableau Public



      current view...


      looking for something like....(with 3 lines)

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          Hi Anne,


          You can create a Trellis chart using the CASE function. It enables you to fully control where each flag goes.


          I have created a calculated field called Row with the following formula:


          CASE [Country]

          WHEN 'Australia' THEN 1

          WHEN 'Austria' THEN 2



          The actual formula is much longer, but I abbreviated it to demonstrate the principle. When Tableau scans your [Country] dimension, it will find Australia and will assign it to Row 1. When it finds Austria, it will assign it to row 2. Next, you have to define the columns that these countries go to so they don't overlap. The calculated columns field follows the same logic:


          CASE [Country]

          WHEN 'Australia' THEN 1

          WHEN 'Austria' THEN 1



          Both countries/flags will now be displayed beneath each other (two rows, but same column). Ryan Sleeper has explained the principle really well in this blog.


          I've attached the workbook with the full formula.


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            Anne Brown



            Thanks very much Luisa, that's perfect