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    Problem creating a Start and End Dates filter using Parameters

    Anjali Sn



      I created a filter for Start and End Dates using Parameters following the steps provided in this link: Creating a Filter for Start and End Dates Using Parameters | Tableau Software


      But I'm facing the following problem:


      Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.08.06 PM.png


      So, my date field is in the format 1/1/2017, 2/1/2017, and so on. I want to know how to ensure that the Current Value in the Start Date parameter is always the 1st of the month and not any other day (like it's showing 5th in the image above).


      Can anyone tell me how to do that? I don't want to do it manually for each month because every time I open the workbook again it is set to some random day of the month.