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    Simple data sheet : replicate the source file?


      Hello Community, I seek some advice, I searched high and low for a solution for what I thought would be an incredibly easy task... and maybe it is and I've just not found it!


      I created a sample Tableau file (v10.14) by way of example.  It is a simple as a database of names and addresses, names down the first column (dimension) the second column the street address, etc.  That is the data source.  With that data, I would like to create a spreadsheet/dashboard whereby the end user can filter and select a name, and the resulting view is simply a list of each of the dimensions, not unlike the below:


      Name : David

      Address : 123 Anyroad Avenue

      Town :  Romford.


      This is simply all I need; the above information in a Tableau worksheet.  I seem to struggle to do this! Note it is dimensions only, no measures.  Must I need a measure?


      Separately, I have a huge file and dashboard which works well as it is, but I would like to add like a 'front page' that shows the current selection like this example.  It's this example I'm trying to replicate?


      Thanks for any advice.

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          Michael Hesser

          Hi George.


          I think you can re-purpose your Text box (or even Title) for this.


          Before I get into that, I need to know: are your Name values unique? Will you have more than one "Bob" (with more than one address), or will they all be distinct? If they are distinct, things will be much easier!


          • Drop your three Dimensions into Filters in Name, Street Address, Town order
          • If Name is distinct, display only this filter; if it is not distinct, display all filters
          • Make all filters single value dropdowns
          • If Town and Street Address filters are on the screen, change them to Only Relevant Values (this will restrict what the user can choose to only valid values)
          • Now CTRL-DRAG your three dimension onto Text. Edit Text so it looks something like this:


          As the user chooses different names, the values should change to match that name-- provided that the name is unique and they have selected "ALL" in the Street Address and Town Filters.


          Note: you may run into some quirkiness if you have non-distinct values: If you have two "Michael's", for example, the user will need to select which one is to display using the Street Address filter. And if for some crazy reason you have more than one Name and more than one Street Address but in different cities, the user will need to choose the proper Town


          Once the user moves on, he/she will need to reset the filters to ALL to reestablish smooth lookup.


          I hope this may be a little inspiration?


          Your "front page" (if it's a dashboard) can utilize trick to display what the following dashboards will include. Just make sure your Filter Dimensions are shared across all the sheets that use them.



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            Michael, you are a star, thank you.  Edit Text Label was the missing trick I was after.  For the record, yes each name (or identifier) would have been unique.


            Thanks again, that had me bugging me for weeks!  Hope to return the favor one day.