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    Help! Excel sheet with years in multiple columns and two columns with different dimension of data (location and cost item)


      I'm trying to create a continuous line chart with the year on the x-axis and the cost on the y-axis with the multiple lines representing the different cost items and a filter that allows for choosing different locations. As shown below, my data set has a separate column for each year and the location and cost item also in separate columns.


      Any ideas on how to convert my data to accomplish the line chart described above


      Unfortunately with the size of the data (approx. 100,000 unique records), it's not the easiest solution to reformat the data set.


      LocationCost item20132014201520162017
      New YorkCost item 123467
      New YorkCost item 245678
      New YorkCost item 334567
      Los AngelesCost item 156789
      Los AngelesCost item 289101112
      Los AngelesCost item 3910111213
      DenverCost item 1678910