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    Nested Project/Sub-project issue (getting blank page)

    Jessica Chung

      Question looking for help.....

      I just upgraded to version 2018.1.1.  Currently I have a project call "Account Managers - Commercial".  Within this project, there are 3  "Sub-Projects".  Within each sub-project, there are multiple workbooks.


      When I clicked "Account Managers - Commercial", I got a screen with no project listing.....(see image below)

      In order to get to the workbooks, I need to click "Projects", then it will show the 3 "Sub-projects".  From there I can select a sub-project, then get to the workbook selection list.

      Is anyone have the same issue on 2018.1.1?


      I was upgraded from Version 10.5 to 2018.1.1.  From Version 10.5, I have similar issues.....

      However, I was able to select Projects, then see all 3 sub-projects listed.  When I select a sub-project, then screen was blank without any workbook listing.  I need to click "workbooks" (on top) and get the listing.



      Note: this is a screen from Verion 2018.1.1