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    How to let user pick values to be passed through to SQL?


      I believe this question is as old as Tableau itself, but I'm wondering what workarounds you guys use to enable users to select a list of values to pass through to a SQL object. 


      The background is that we have a request for a user to be able to retrieve data by inputting 1 to 5 different fields and associated values.  They will need to be able to select the field values from a drop down list.  After they've selected their values then the query needs to run and return results.  The alternative, I think, is to refresh this very large data source once a day, so that the user can just filter it within Tableau.  This seems like bad practice due to the overhead required to refresh it everyday, so we'd rather just run the query with the user selected field choices.  If that doesn't work, we're considering incremental refreshes so that the overhead is, hopefully, drastically reduced. 


      What do you guys do if you need to let a user pick field values before a result set is returned?