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    Trying to create a reference line with a manual calculation

    Ryan Emond

      Hey all,


      Here is the scenario:


      I have completion percentages for a number of different measures and I have a 'goal' of completion percentages.


      Example: Measure 1 had a completion rate of 50% and our goal was 40%.


      I am pulling in all of my raw data from a Redshift server and that source data doesn't contain the goals, so what I'm trying to do is manually add the goals in with basic calculations.


      The calculated fields are essentially just ( 50 / 100) so I can get the goals.


      The problem is when I go to add the goal as a reference line Tableau is not calculating it out even close to accurately.


      I have one field set to 60 / 100 which gets me the decimal I need to get to 60%, but when I add it in as a reference line Tableau thinks it's 13440%. Which I don't even know how that's possible.


      This data contains sensitive client info, so I can't share a workbook, unfortunately.