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    Using LODs to always show selected parameter on a graph ignoring quick filters

    Eric Kolman



      I am creating a comparison tool to have our users select a hospital (via a parameter) and then use a series of dimension and measure filters to identify a list of other hospitals they would like to compare the selected hospital to. I then have a visualization that shows the selected hospital vs all of the hospitals that match the quick filters. The problem I am having is that I always want to show the selected hospital no matter what options have been selected in the quick filter. For example, in the picture below I created a dual axis that shows the selected hospital's value compared to all of the other hospitals that match the filters. The hospital I selected is in AL, and if I unselect "AL" from the State quick filter, the selected hospital disappears.


      AL is selected. Blue dot shows selected hosiptal


      AL Is not selected


      The Display Selected Hospital Calculated Field is as follows:


      I am thinking I need to use some level of nested LODs for this calcualtion (i.e., EXCLUDE the quick filters, and FIX/INCLUDE the Selected Hospital parameter) but cant seem to figure out how to write this. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can accomplish this? Packaged workbook attached.