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    Using Custom SQL on SAS Dataset

    Sarah Sidoli

      Hi guys,


      I'm just wondering if there is a way of writing Custom SQL code to a SAS dataset that I've uploaded onto Tableau?


      I have a couple of tables I'd like to join, but in the process I'd like to write a bit of code to only include specific columns and what to join the tables on. Is this actually possible or should I just build the table in SAS and upload the output straight into Tableau?


      Thanks for your help in advance.

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          Doug Spavlik

          Hi Sarah-


          In my experience custom queries work as they would in their native environment.  When I use custom queries from Ms SQL I basically will write the query in SSMS.  Once I have a good starting point I will copy and paste it into Tabluea's Custom Query interface. I am then able to edit the query as needed in the Tableau Custom Query.


          Here is more on Tableu Custom SQL Queries


          If this helps please mark it helpful so that others may find answers quicker. Thanks!

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            Bryce Larsen

            Hi Sarah,

            I do not believe this is possible, at least it has not been in my experience. Maybe if you have a new version of SAS/ODBC drivers, but I personally do not think so (most of our data is currently stored in SAS).