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    Why does Tableau try to connect to a data source with a packaged workbook?

    John Burton



      I always create extracts and save my workbooks as packaged workbooks so I can work from home where I don't have access to the SQL database.  The workbooks also perform better with an extract than a live connection (and since the underlying data does not change often there is no need for a live connection).


      I have an issue with the packaged workbooks trying to connect to the data source.  I don't understand why they are constantly trying to do that.  I cancel the attempt to connect and the visualization is rendered correctly without any issues.  However, it is disruptive to my work flow.  Does anyone know why it is trying to connect to the data source and if there is anything I can do to correct the issue?


      The other thing I should add is that I use a VPN at work to connect to a data centre.  I usually have the VPN turned off unless I actually need to access data so when a workbook tries to connect, it just hangs until I cancel the attempt.  As I mentioned, once I cancel, any changes I'm making in the workbook are correctly processed using the data extract.


      Below is a screenshot of the issue I'm describing.






      question for forum.JPG