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    Default quick filter to (All) based on parameter selection

    Mark Fagan

      Haven't found an answer to this yet so I am hoping there is an update on how to do this from the Tableau Community.


      I cannot post the data but here is the scenario.


      1. User selects A = (Manager), B = (Supervisor), or C = (Store) from a parameter
      2. If User selects any of these then a quick filter (Departments within the Store) on the Dashboard should default to (All)
      3. If a User selects C from the parameter then unchecks multiple selections  in the quick filter to hide those selections from view, I want the quick filter to reset to (All) if User selects A or B from the Parameter,  as of now everything unchecks in the quick filter if I go back to Parameter A or B


      The User should not have to manually select (All) from the quick filter if they select A or B from the Parameter.  My ultimate goal is to HIDE this quick filter since it only applies if User selects C from the Parameter then show the quick filter when C is selected but I cannot do this if User has to manually check the (All) box on the quick filter.  The quick filter has nothing to do with A & B.


      Seems like an easy ask for this option to always anchor to show (All) "checked" for a quick filter or show nothing "unchecked"


      Thanks in advance!