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    Dashboard showing all the results

    Anne Brown



      I'm the middle of creating a dashboard, a few sheets are linked. (https://public.tableau.com/profile/adam.brown6901#!/vizhome/Top10_49/Dashboard1?publish=yes )


      Is it possible, when there is no country selected on a Map, that no results. Then once a country is selected, all the linked results appear.


      At the moment, all the sheets on the dashboard are linked and do work correctly, however, when a country is not selected on the map, it just shows the results for every single country.


      Even if its possible to have a country as a default, that it will always show their results when a country has not been selected would be fine.


      Hope that makes sense & any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you


      Dashboard on public: https://public.tableau.com/profile/adam.brown6901#!/vizhome/Top10_49/Dashboard1?publish=yes