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    Tableau Desktop: Multiple Data Connections Creating too many *Nulls*

    Ann-Margaret Javier

      Hello everyone!


      I have 4 data sources (excel): Item Description, Invoice Items, Invoices, and Region Mapping.


      Item Description connects to Invoice Items using an Item ID, and then Invoices also connects to Invoice Items using an Invoice ID. Connecting these three is a breeze!


      Item Description and Invoices both contain Country data, which are mapped out into regions in our Region Mapping data source.


      I connect Region Mapping to Item Description and Invoices using left joins where the latter two are the data sources for Country, but it doesn't map the regions out properly across any items in Invoices that do not have a corresponding entry in Invoice Items.


      What am I doing wrong? I've attached dummy data to illustrate my point. My excels are all separate books but I've put them all in one sheet for ease of viewing.


      Thanks everyone!