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    Find if a customer purchased a product in the past


      Hi All,


      I am trying to do a customer analysis and am stuck with 2 pieces. Can you please help ?


      1) For the attached data I am looking to find if a specific customer for instance has purchased product "Staples" in the past. The original data that I have has around 20 products and  it is difficult to put them in the table as below. I am looking to see if the customer has bought "a" specific product and highlight it quickly depending on the group who is viewing the data.


      Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 4.41.12 PM.png



      2) the second part of the question I want to answer is that if I am filtering on all customers that are purchasing a certain Product I can easily say which of those customers bought "Staples" product at the same time as desks here.



      There maybe an easy solution out there but for some reason I am stuck.


      Please help Been trying to look for answers for the last 3 hours and am stuck