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    Hiding percentages on null values

    Riaz Khan




      I have four columns. In the first column is a running sum that takes data and does running total. The formula is


      Current Week DN Drop

      IF([Rptg Rolling Week]) = 0


      [DN Drop Qty]



      It shows data for every day, but there is no actual quantity in Thu-Sat so the number 595 repeats itself. In the second column I wanted the blank ones removed so I used this calculation


      Current Week DN Drop - Nulls

      IF NOT ISNULL(SUM([Current Week DN Drop]))

      THEN RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Current Week DN Drop]))



      Now I am trying to get the last column to show the percentage but not show the ones that should be blank like column 2 for Thu-Sat. So the 58.47% should only show for Wed and everything after that would be blank. The formula I am using is


      % difference

      (RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Current Week DN Drop])) / [MAX Current Week Forecast])


      I thought fixing this would be as simple as changing out Current Week DN Drop with Current Week DN Drop - Nulls so


      (RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Current Week DN Drop - Nulls])) / [MAX Current Week Forecast])


      but it's not working.


      Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.