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    Color-code the points in Control P-chart

    Navid Tavoli



      I am creating a control p-chart for a metric like profit ratio (0<X<1). I would like to color code the points, so we can differentiate between the one in the range and the ones out of range.


      I have made the calculations of average line, UCL and LCL as following:


      P_Bar = WINDOW_SUM(( SUM([profit])) / WINDOW_SUM(SUM([sales])))


      LCL = [P_Bar] - 3*(SQRT([P_Bar]*(1-[P_Bar])/SUM([sales])) )


      UCL = [P_Bar] + 3*(SQRT([P_Bar]*(1-[P_Bar])/SUM([sales])) )


      So, here I am wondering how I can create a calculated field that correctly color codes the in range and out of range points.

      I have attached an example worksheet from superstore.


      Thank you