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    Exporting dashboards without scrollbars, or all sheets from dashboard through tabcmd

    Aaron Chan

      Good Afternoon All,


      I have been combing through the tableau forums, and there are two scenarios in which I cannot solve.


      1. Exporting dashboards without scrollbars
      2. Exporting all sheets from dashboard through tabcmd


      When exporting reports through PDF, dashboards with 80+ rows of data only show the visible data, cutting off the rest. This essentially is simply a screenshot of the report, which renders the report useless.


      Assuming we will never be able to export reports through PDF and have the scrollbars usable, a second workaround would be to export all sheets from dashboard (not just --fullpdf), which we currently can do manually through download -> PDF -> sheets from dashboard. Currently from documentation I do not believe we can accomplish this through tabcmd.


      This isn't exactly ideal, but would at least export the data needed on a pdf without cutting off data.


      Are there any updates on these two problems?