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    Customized Filter

    jon rios

      i have a list of values that I use for a filter.  There is 1 main item that I want my users to compare another item against... so now in order to have my main item selected, i need to make my filter a "select multiple items list" filter... BUT I dont want i also only want my users to NOT be able to deselect the main choice.... and only be able to select 1 other choice


      so here are my requirements


      1. main item must always be on and not be able to deselect it

      2. only be able to select 1 other item at a time to compare against main item...


      (maybe the standard filter isnt best option)  here is a screnshot


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          Matt Lutton

          Try duplicating the field, and with one version, filter those values as you desire, and on the other, set the filter to "only relevant values" and a single value list.  I believe that's as close as you'll get, but if you want to post a .TWBX, that is always the best way to get help on this volunteer Forum.  Even if you mockup and example using sample data, that helps users to jump in and help when there is a workbook/starting point to work with.

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            jon rios

            thanks Matt


            here is a workbook.  I want to hold "Accessories" as the main item and not be able to deselect it ( or just hide the filtering option), then user can select another item from same Dimension to compare against "Accessories" (books, furniture, etc in same sub-category)

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              jon rios

              hi Matt (or anyone else) i included a wb, mind taking a look at it when you can, requirements are listed above in original post