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    Live / Extract


      My data source is Excel, saved in a shared directory. Users will update the data by themselves in excel. Data needs to be updated in the server dynamically. Which connection should I use ? Live or Extract ?


      I created one in LIVE and then published as package, but unfortunately, data is not getting updated ?


      Any advise ? What is the best solution ?

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          Deepak Rai

          You need to use UNC Path to first Create Extract in your Workbook, Create view, Publish that Extract to Tableau Server, and While Publishing Select Option for Embedded Password and Set up Refresh Schedule, Publish Extract now, then replace extract in your workbook with Just Published One. Above all, Allow Tableau Server To Access data from Shared Directory, You need to add necessary permissions for  Tableau Server in Shared Drive. Now Publish your Workbook and Select Embedded Password option and Refresh Schedule.




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            Am I missing anything ? These are the steps I followed:

            1) I have a shared drive which is something like this:

            N:\DATA\AMG\1 RRD\000 Project (Visualization)\Tableau Workbooks and Data\Analytics

            2) Excel file data source is saved in this drive
            3) I have created a test workbook using this data source and saved in this drive.
            4) I have used Extract data option to extract data and saved into this drive which has an extension .hyper [Ques: Can I not use live connection ?]
            5) How do you publish the extract ? I did not find any option.
            6) I have published the workbook with embedded password option and refresh schedule [Only can select the available one]
            7) If I try to refresh schedule now it fails.
            8) "Above all, Allow Tableau Server To Access data from Shared Directory,
            You need to add necessary permissions for  Tableau Server in Shared Drive." ---- I have admin right. How do I do this ?

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              Deepak Rai

              When U get Data from Shared Drive , Get it using UNC path of your File, In Shared Drive Directory you have settings for Pertmissions, add Tableau Server Name there so that it can check your files from time to time. Search In community Please there are Threads on this.

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                Sorry Deepak. I have never done this. I could not find the appropriate one also.


                Is the shared drive network path not same as UNC ? The above path is in this drive: dfs(\\na.blkint.com)(N:)

                How do I add Tableau server name in shared drive directory ?

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                  Deepak Rai

                  How to use a shared network drive to host external excel data source files?


                  and for adding Tableau Server, Open Your Data directory on Shared Drive By Right Click>Properties and Set Up Permissions  for Tableau Server under Security Tab.

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                    Deepak, for Tableau server, shall I add the server URL ?

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                      The full path of the file will be something like \\na.blkint.com\DATA\AMG\1 RRD\000 Project (Visualization)\Tableau Workbooks and Data\Analytics

                      In the "Security" tab of the shared directory, you have to add the tableau "run as user" so that the it can read the excel file. Also, add all the other users who will be using that tableau report with the excel as underlying data source.


                      If you want that live data should always be available in your views, then while publishing the data source (in your case the excel file) make sure that you uncheck the "include external files" option.By doing this, you will be presented with the following.


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                        Thanks. 'Run as user' part is not happening for me. I am trying to edit in security tab and add my id to allow full control, but it shows error. Not sure whether this is for security reasons.



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                          I get this if I uncheck include external files:


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                            And in server, it gives this message:


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                              Request the system admin to provide you full permission on the shared folder.

                              Click "Yes" on the message that you get when you uncheck the include external files option. This will work only if the user has access to read the file from the shared folder.

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                                I was able to do the live connection. Now, need to get it work for extract as well.