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    Building/Using Sets for Comparisons in Tableau (V10 and Online)

    Shawn Gerou

      Hi all,


      I'm looking to have an initial dashboard with a variety of statistics on it that lets the end user select/create a set (list) to then be used as an action filter on another dashboard in which they can now compare the people from the set.


      In the desktop version this seems pretty easy. I created the set first then deleted anyone in it. I can then highlight the individuals and add them to the set. (A cool features as I don't need to hold ctrl to select many or have them all in the same window.)

      Screenshot (13).png


      Once completed I applied the set to the Compare Action Filter sheet (now I can only see people in my set) and created a filter action (allows the end user flexibility to choose who to compare in and bring others in and out) to select the individuals to compare in the comparison view. For viewing purposes the end users won't be able to choose more then any 2 ideally.


      For this workbook it seems to work fine. However when I publish to the online the create set/add to compare set feature disappears in the tooltips upon selection.

      Screenshot (16).png



      Is there something I'm missing? I'd love to use the set features as a way to build my comparison filters as it is much cleaner and easier then using a menu filter by having the user select all the people they are interested in by holding ctrl.


      Any thoughts?


      I'm attaching my workbook example as well. Appreciate the help.