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    Quarterly Date Filters Need Help!

    James Brett



      For some reason (probably my calculations or something) I cannot get a quarterly filter I like.


      What I'm trying to do is show multiple things:


      1) the "stoplight" indicator at the top left needs to show the selected quarters performance. I think I've got the calculations setup correctly for that, but I cant select quarters


      2) the line charts I want to show the current and previous 4 quarters to show, with the calculations still working to show the difference. If i select a quarter, they should divert to that quarter being the current and then the previous 4 from that quarter


      3) the change indicator at top right I believe is setup correctly, but if i select a quarter in the filter it needs to reflective of that quarters performance, as well as the difference from the previous quarter



      I've attached a packaged workbook with dummy data. For some reason I just cant get the quarterly filters to work. PLEASE HELP!