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    What should be the best way to handle multiple fact tables with common dimensions

    Ayan Chakraborty

      Hi Friends,


      I am creating a Dashboard for which I have the datamodel with multiple fact tables.

      I am not able to find a way to mix them and to create a single fact. Let me explain this with a bit more details.


      Fact1 : Having students performance of their exam results for multiple subjects

      Fact2 : Having student logging information. This is different from fact1 because, students make login to study as well. This fact is for finding out the engagement of the students with the platform.

      Fact3 : The award received by the students from the teachers. It can be for good behave in the class as well so can't really mix with Fact1 or Fact2


      Now, the dimension are common like (User, subject, class etc..).


      Please provide me the ideal approach to handle this scenario.