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    Union tables from separate connections in Tableau

    Paramvir Singh

      I need some help with a problem that I am facing in developing a Tableau report. Here is the problem:

      I have 2 data sources:
      1. SQL database
      2. Access database

      The data within these data sources is more or less the same.

      I need to develop a consolidated report which combines the data from these two data sources. The report that is currently in place, is an Excel sheet, wherein the user copies the data from the above mentioned two data sources. Once the data is copied over, they run pivot tables and generate a single pie chart in Excel which has the numbers from the entire data set.

      The problem that I am facing is:

      How do I make a single pie chart out of these two separate datasets?

      Is there a way to combine the two datasets directly in Tableau? I need a Union (and not a Join) of the data!