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    Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) coordinates?

    . Tableautester

      Does anyone have a copy of the MGRS_GZD.tde file from here? Alan Eldridge



      We have data which is MGRS classified at the 100,000M, 10KM, and 1KM level of detail.

      We have 3 worksheets, each has a map for each of the different levels of detail.


      The end goal is to be able to click on a polygon and jump to the next level down (filtered to only the corresponding data) and to be able to do this twice. I think this should be possible with two actions.


      For example if we wanted to look at Austin,TX:

      We would click 14RPU(100,000M)  > 14RPU24(10KM) > 14RPU2149(1KM)