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    Combine multiple calculated measures into a dimension

    Maddy Peña

      Hello all!

      I have a database that consist in multiple "metrics" that when combined, result in multiple (about 17) KPI that my users need to see. After generating those KPIs, is it possible to combine them on a single dimension so I can use them as filter and on a table?


      I cannot pivot in the datasource because the KPIs don't exists at that level, only metrics and I cannot calculate them at DB level because they depend of the selected period of time. I can create a parameter that shows the KPIs but the problem is that I cannot select multiple values to show them all at once in a table. In addition to that, I need the Actual, Budget and delta measures for each KPI, so I had to create a calculated field with CASE to use the parameter. And some KPIs can only be calculated at plant level, and others at site level.


      I need to achieve something like this:




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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Maddy,


          Obviously, you could approach the problem

          (of extending your 'table' layout) via a brute force --

          by duplicating the view and their respective  [KPI Level] Parameter,

          then combining as many such views as needed side-by-side on a dash.


          Users would be choosing the [KPI Level] for each vertical section

          via its own distinct Parameter.


          Of course, make the number of Rows manageable --

          to avoid vertical scrolling on a dashboard. Use common Filters.


          Frankly, i'm not aware of any suitable (less complicated) alternative layout.