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    Count Open Issues over time? Start & End Dates in separate lines

    Nicole Shake

      I saw this thread that  Łukasz Majewski was helping with, and I have a similar goal, but with differently formatted data, and I am totally stuck!  A Data sample is attached. Ideally, I am trying to create a stacked bar chart that shows the number of Issues that have been started sometime that day or prior (with one color the issues started that day and the other issues started earlier), and are not closed each day, but even a simple bar chart showing the number started and not closed (in total) on each given day would work.


      Each action that happens on an issue will have a separate line in the data (so it's set up as transaction data not lookup data).  There will only ever be one "started" and one "closed" line for each Issue #, but it's possible that an issue will not yet have a closed date, ie.  it's still open today.  Any guidance or direction you can give this newbie would be greatly appreciated!