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    Using LOD to show Organisation Size in Org Chart

    Geoffrey Ong

      Hi Tableau Experts,


      I am trying to solve (what I think is an LOD) issue when designing an Org Chart. I used Nathan Smith's guide (Use Tableau to build an org chart from Excel – Nathan Smith – Data Scientist from Kansas City) to create an Organisation Chart which is able to drill up and down the organisation using action filters as you can see in the screenshot below:


      I am trying to take things a step further by showing the size of the organisation under each "person" or node (i.e. number of direct reports). For example, Person 1 should show 3 Direct Reports (in the Label above, as shown after you select Person 1 as the Focus below) and his/her Supervisor should show 7 Direct Reports (Person 1 to 7). This would give a quick indication on the span of control of each Manager with Direct Reports.


      The complication I am having is finding the right LOD to extract the information and that there are duplicated tables with similar data due to unions using multiple sheet repeats.


      I have also attached a sanitized packaged workbook (v10.5) for reference. Any help here would be great, please let me know if I should include further information or need more explanation on the problem statement.


      Thanks in advance,