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    Have a dynamic line that marks which day of the week today is or stop a line from appearing when no data left (on a running total)

    Riaz Khan

      Hello all!


      I have a quick question, not sure if this is possible but I have some data that has 3 curves. They are based on days of the week. 2 of the curves are needed because they have data for every day. The third one which in my example is the line in blue data stops on Wednesday, there is no more data after that (it's for current week, the other two are previous week averages) I would like for the line to stop on Wednesday at 594.5 and to not show a flatline after that for Thu-Sat. So there would only be 4 points for that line for Sun-Wed.


      If that is not possible is there a way for there to be a dynamic line that updates daily (without manual intervention) and shows a line going up and down on the day of the week?


      thanks in advance!