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    Calculated field using data elements from primary and secondary data sources

    jonathan kassak

      Presently, I have a calculated field with all fields from one data
      source.  The primary data source is named “Pathway Variance Extract”.  My calculation is checking to see if an orthopedic
      patient undergoing a certain orthopedic procedure (e.g., a
      rapid recovery procedure for a total knee replacement) met certain criteria for
      BMI, Age and time they entered the recovery room.  Patients in this pathway should have the lowest length of stay at the hospital.


      The calculation is as follows and seems to work just fine:


      (if ([BMI] <= 35 and [PAT_AGE] <= 80 and [RR part 1]
      <= 15)

      then "Criteria

      else "Inclusion Criteria NOT Met" END)


      By the way, "RR part 1" is the hour the patient entered the recovery room.


      I would like to pull in an additional data element into the
      above calculation, which is an element named  “anesthesia type”.  This data is resident in a secondary data source extract
      called “OR_Extract”.  This extract is linked to the “Pathway Variance Extract”. I am fairly certain I have joined correctly and that is not my question.


      I tried something like the following, but I’m not getting an
      acceptable calculation.


      if ([BMI] <= 35 and [PAT_AGE] <= 80 and [RR part 1]
      <= 15) and [OR_Extract].[ANES_TYPE_NM] = "neuraxial
      "Criteria Met" else "Inclusion Criteria NOT Met" END)


      Requesting a look at my syntax or perhaps
      suggest another option(s) for doing this.


      My objective is to see if all criteria were met for:

      BMI (from Pathway Variance Extract)

      Age (from Pathway Variance Extract)

      Recovery Room Time (from Pathway Variance Extract)

      Anesthesia Type (from OR_Extract)


      I am using Tableau 10.3

      Thanks in advance for any options or suggestions !!!!