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    Find Missing Data values between 2 data sources

    Sanket Deshpande

      I have a scenario as follows . I have 2 excel files as follows:


      Master File 1:

      Name  Allocated desk


      tom     1

      matt     2

      john     3

      rob     4

      ....and so on


      Data File 2:


      Date      name      Desk worked


      Jan 1     tom          4

      jan 1     matt          1

      jan2       rob          2

      jan2       tom          1


      • What I want to achieve is I will have a date filter , I want to know on that specific day which members from the master file didn't work.
      •      For eg. on jan 1  'john' and 'rob' didn't work, so list should display only these names

      So what should be the join condition, on what fields . If blend then what fields etc.


      Kindly help.