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    Setting cluster topologies

    Fabian Simonet



      I am currently deploying the HA 3 nodes cluster of tableau server.


      - Is there a way to set the nodes topologies at the init of the primary node (or from the worker discovery) ?

      The idea is to have a one click install without doing all the manual steps to configure a node.


      I have tried to import the settings after initializing tableau server but it throws an error where primary node did not have the store information of node2 and node3 (which are the worker nodes)


      tsm initialize

      tsm settings import -f topology.json

      tsm pending-changes apply --restart


      PS : topology.json is just a example. It does not contain the full configuration


      - if the configuration of new worker node is only manual, does it mean i have to always restart the cluster when adding a new node? How is it HA then?


      Thank you.

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          Ciaran Bource

          Hi Fabian,


          When setting the topology you will indeed depending on the modifications you might need to restart, the whole cluster or not depending on the available services.


          HA needs to be set up once in order to make sure all processes are available in the event of a breakdown so that Tableau continues working fine.


          Automating HA configuration is not ideal as HA is a critical installation.