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    Combination bar/line chart

    Mitchell Hensman

      Dear community,


      I've just joined and in the process of learning how to use Tableau. I have a specific question regarding a combination chart and hope the question makes sense.


      How do I uncouple the filter on my line chart data from the bar chart data? I'd like to change what the superimposed line chart is showing without it affecting the value in the bar chart.





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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Mitchell,


          To do this, you can use parameters or use two blended data sources.


          I would recommend using parameters though, more information on parameters here: Filtering with parameters | Tableau Software


          If you have a sample workbook then I can use this to show you some examples.





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            Naveen B

            Hi Mitchell,


            If you don't want to effect your bar chart with filters i created small scenario may be it will help


            I am showing sub category wise sum of sales and using ship mode as filter , so i want to see which ship mode is performing more when compared to overall sales


            Step 1 : Create a calculation which wont affect by the filter



            {Fixed [Sub Category]:Sum(sales)}


            Step 2: Drag Sub-Category to Columns


            Step 3: Drag Bar-Measure and Sales to columns


            Step 4: Click on Sales and select Dual Axis


            Step 5: Change the Bar-Measure marks section as Bar graph


            Step 6: now you have a combined chart bar graph and line graph


            Step 7: Drag the Ship Mode to filter and show filter


            Step 8: Select the ship-mode you like so that bar graph values wont changes only line graph will change


            View :

            Select "All" Ship-Mode and see the value of chairs its 328,449

            Selected "Standard Class" then bar graph value will be same but line graph will change



            I Hope this helps kindly mark this question as helpful or correct so that it will help others

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              Mitchell Hensman

              Thanks for the response Mavis!


              I looked into parameters, which is useful for me to know, though not sure how it can accomplish what I'm trying to do. Naveen B is showing what I'm trying to do but I'm still trying to follow the steps to achieve the same with my data






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                Mitchell Hensman

                Thanks Naveen, that is what I'm trying to do. I'll work through your steps and confirm once done!





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                  Mitchell Hensman

                  Thanks again for the help; it seems what I'm trying to achieve can be done with parameters and LOD calculations. The easiest way was creating a parameter and using an IF function.