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    Full extract unavailable for RDS Postgresql

    Vincent Herlemont



      I have some issue with tableau online, when I try to add a postgresql(rds) connection I have not the choice between Live and Extract Connection, just live is activated and I can not switch.


      My goal is to sync every 15 minutes the data with a schedule task, and I can not do that with the live connection, isn't it ?


      Thanks you for your help,



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          Brandon Babbitt



          Have you used Tableau Desktop to publish the Postgresql connection or are you using the web authoring functionality to connect to data via the web?  It is currently not possible to create an extract for cloud based data sources if you are using the web authoring method.  If you wish to use an extract and refresh it on a schedule, then you'll need to use Tableau Desktop to create an extract, then publish that extract to Tableau Online and set it up on a schedule.


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