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    Step Charts

    Lori Johnson


      I came across Rody’s step chart and wanted to ask a few question about it. What is a step chart? When do we create step charts? Specifically, what insights do we derive from the small step chart I have attached.

      Thank you.



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          Hi Lori,


          A step chart can be used to highlight a significant change between data points through vertical lines.The horizontal lines represent periods of time where the data is constant. It doesn't really matter whether you use a line chart or a step chart in the example you attached, but they are useful when your data isn't continuous, e.g. when it changes at irregular points in time. What looks like a continuous increase in a line chart, will be displayed as a constant line in a step chart.


          Tableau supports step charts natively and you can read more about them here.





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            Lori Johnson

            Thank you, Luisa! This is very helpful.

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              Glad I could help!