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    Implement Single Sign On to Tableau with ASP.NET MVC

    Krishna Pasumarthi



      Sorry that this seems to be older question but couldn't find any answer. My requirement is as follows


      We have asp.net MVC web application in which we have integrated tableau dashboards  . The issue with this approach is to provide user credentials for web portal credentials and then tableau user credentials each time we try to access the dashboard.  As the user is already logged-in to the web application, we cannot force the user to again provide user credentials in the login page of tableau dashboard. It is not acceptable solution to us.


      Basically My web application will have a login dialogue based on the credentials used I should direct the user to a particular view of the Tableau without asking any other Tableau Server Credentials. I should be using a default Tableau credentials behind the screens for redirecting the user to that Reports view


      I found answer to be Trusted Authentication but my problem is that we don't have access to Tableau Server as it's hosted by outside vendor. So its hard to change the configuration on login to Tableau Server and add/change settings.


      Please can you guide is if there are any APIs available to implement single-sign-on between tableau server and the asp.net web application so that user will not be required to type in the tableau related credentials again.