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    After postgresql readonly access configured, server status is degraded

    Jorge Tautz

      Hello, I'm testing Tableau Server on linux for a later migration from a Windows installation.


      Everything works really fine, but when I configure the PostgreSQL readonly user, the tsm status -v returns DEGRADED, with the Data Engine in error state. The read only access works, the funcionality of the server is ok too.


      The command to configure I've used is this one:


         tsm data-access repository-access enable --repository-password ****** --repository-username tableau --restart


      The Server did not restart automatically after the configuration, it seems to configure and then stop.


      After I started manually (tsm start) the server comes back up and I can access the Postgre database. From that point the tsm status start to report the service as degraded.


      Anyone have seen this, or something similar?