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    Tableau Server Installation

    Manandeep Singh

      Hi Team,


      We are doing a first time deployment of Tableau Server.

      Can you help us with below queries before we start with the installation:


      1. If we have a user based license, can we use same users in multiple environments ?

      For Example: We have a user based license for 20 users. Can we use the same license and same users in multiple environments.


      2. Once the user is registered with Tableau, can we change the user afterwards ?


      Thanks & Regards,

      Manandeep Singh

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          Donna Coles

          Hi there


          I don't use User based licences, but my interpretation from reading the EULA is


          1) Providing when you refer to multiple environments, you mean a production environment, and then a 'dev/test' environment then 'yes', a named user can use the same licence on both environments. The licence is associated to the individual for use on both a prod & non prod environment, so if you've purchased 20 licences, you can't have 20 named users licensed on prod with say 5 other people using the licences on dev/test.


          2) Yes you can reassign the licence to a different indivudual (eg if someone leaves your business say), but you shouldn't be doing this on such a regular basis so that you're essentially 'sharing' a licence


          The EULA I've referenced can be accessed from here : Legal | Tableau Software



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