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    Concatenating rows in single row

    Sunil Gopinath



      I am working with the data source (Percentage and Product) where percentages results in multiple same value. I want to display the multiple values in a dashboard as KPI but the issue is that as the space is small I am unable to fit the data's and also I need the product in the row.



      I have tried


      IF [Lowest OTD] = [Lowest OTD]

      THEN PREVIOUS_VALUE("") + IIF(INDEX()==1, "", ", ") +

      ATTR([Profit Center])



      which ended in the following result



      I want to display all the products in a single row.




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          This is a simplified workbook, but maybe it can work for your setup.


          I think you were almost there.

          It looked close to what I was following in:

          Re: create new dimension


          I used this to concatenate:

          IF ATTR([Lowest Value])="Lowest Value" THEN

              IF FIRST()=0 THEN ATTR([Dimension])

              ELSE PREVIOUS_VALUE("") + ", " + ATTR([Dimension])




          Then this to get just the final tag:

          IF ATTR([Lowest Value])<>"Lowest Value"

          THEN ATTR([Dimension])

          ELSE WINDOW_MAX([Concatenate])



          The table calculation settings are shown in the below screenshot.

          Attached in the forum thread is the workbook v.10.3.