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    Data Densification in BW on HANA

    Monika Piekarska

      Hi everyone!


      I've  studied through the materials that Joe Mako and Matt Lutton shared a couple years ago --> Tableau Request Live - Data Densification on Vimeo

      Unfortunately the theory does not support BW on HANA. In my case I got a data set that looks like it:

      Indicator [String]Year [String]Group [String]




      If I add [Year] column to the view, the TDE contains all Years from the datasource:

      If I add [Indicator] to the view, Year 2019 disappears due to missing data. Fair enough. Adding an index() across the dimensions doesn't prompt any value though.

      In fact, I can't extract Year 2019 even though there're data in 2019! I've tried ZN()/ISNULL(), many ways of table calculation - without success.


      It's worth to notice I got master data for [Indicator] in 2017 and 2018 - when I don't have any master data, the data is missing.


      My task: I want to include data from 2019 into the TDE in Tableau 10.3.3


      I'm really disappointed that I can't manage as trivial as tricky task in Tableau... Could anyone suggest some solution?