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    Data Densification in BW on HANA

    Monika Piekarska

      Hi everyone!


      I've  studied through the materials that Joe Mako and Matt Lutton shared a couple years ago --> Tableau Request Live - Data Densification on Vimeo

      Unfortunately the theory does not support BW on HANA. In my case I got a data set that looks like it:

      Indicator [String]Year [String]Group [String]




      If I add [Year] column to the view, the TDE contains all Years from the datasource:

      If I add [Indicator] to the view, Year 2019 disappears due to missing data. Fair enough. Adding an index() across the dimensions doesn't prompt any value though.

      In fact, I can't extract Year 2019 even though there're data in 2019! I've tried ZN()/ISNULL(), many ways of table calculation - without success.


      It's worth to notice I got master data for [Indicator] in 2017 and 2018 - when I don't have any master data, the data is missing.


      My task: I want to include data from 2019 into the TDE in Tableau 10.3.3


      I'm really disappointed that I can't manage as trivial as tricky task in Tableau... Could anyone suggest some solution?

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          Joe Mako

          Table calculations and Data Densification would not impact the creation of a TDE, both are evaluated later.


          If the data is in the source table, but is not in the TDE, then that sounds like an issue for Tableau support.


          If you would like, you can email me, found on my profile, and we can setup a screen session to walk though your situation together and see if there is a solution.