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    Crispy - Min(1), Avg(0), Sum(0) - Tricks

    Karthikeyan Masialamani

      I read in some articles about the trick of  Min(1), Avg(0), Sum(0) and Avg(1).


      I can understand that Min(1) = 1 , Avg(0) = 0 , Sum(0) = 0 and Avg(1) = 1, no different value will be retrieved.


      instead of using like this, why can't we use simply 1 or 0 directly ? why we are use aggregate function here? to make it as Discrete and need of axis build ?


      what I read is Min(1) will operate for each and every row, say for example to change the color of each row, we have to use Min(1).


      How Min(1) work for single row?


      I have lot of dots with doubt, can anybody help to connect all the dots so that my doubt should fly away.