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    Can we use an existing group when grouping values manually in dashboard?

    Andy Piper



      I'm creating a dashboard where I wish an analyst to interact with the records and group them manually when it is needed. The analyst is making a judgement call to determine what should and shouldn't be grouped together, so there is no ability to write a custom calculation to assign groups. When a record becomes grouped, I wish it to no longer be available within the 'Ungrouped' table.


      In order to check for 'grouped' vs. 'ungrouped', I created a group ahead of time (using the Include 'Other' option) along with a calculated field that determines if the Record_ID is in the 'Other' group or not. Now I wish for that same group to be used when manually grouping records. What happens is when you select Record_IDs to group, Tableau creates a new group field and swaps the Record_ID field with the newly created group field.


      Any thoughts on how something like this could be achieved? Attached is a sample workbook that gives an example of what I'm trying to do. Suggestions appreciated.