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    Collapsing Bubble Charts With a Parameter

    Cody Biddle

      When I use a parameter changing charts from MTD to YTD, I have no issues collapsing all other charts except for Bubble Charts.


      The bubble charts do disappear how they are supposed to but they don't resize and take up the whole space of the vertical container like other graphs do.


      Here's an example:


      I've selected the entire container so you can see the "empty" space where the MTD bubble chart resides. Now normally, like with other graphs, the MTD chart would be collapsed and the YTD chart would take up the entire container..


      Here's what it looks like when i select the MTD parameter


      Finally, here's an example when i change the bubble charts to pie charts (I have made no changes other than changing it from bubble to pie)



      any help would be great. I'm using 10.3