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    Bar chart to display two values by comparing feature dates

    Bala Reddy

      My user is asking me to create a single bar chart to display the occupany % vs feature committed

      committed.(bottom should be occupied and top should be committed)



      Occupied : occupied for the selected month

      Feature occuppied :means whoever is aggrred to occupy for the area. I have attached the screenshot.


      Note : I have created a bar chart and able to get current occupied and to  feature occupied  field is not able to achieve. once these two are ready then have to place in same chart.



      Our business is giving rentals(for exaple we have a land of 1000 sqft

      and giving this land to different tenants by splitting number

      of units (we can say 10 units (10*100) and each unit is 100 sqft.

      in the current month 7 units are occuppied and 3 are vacant that means 70

      % of the total area is occupied.So based on the available area(300 sqft)

      report have to display (in bar)that how much % occupied for feature.

      the condition is contract start date > current month and we have to exclude if same tenant can contract

      for feature occupany.





      Can any one suggest me how to achieve this?