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    Lookup with a possible LOD


      Hi All,


      Hope you are well. I am looking at the first pic below. I am using a lookup formula (Sales with QC) to get the previous day value for the current day on a daily view. These numbers are correct!


      However I just want to show a sum of these numbers in a weekly view (Pic 2) but it doesnt work, I understand becuase it just looking at the prev value on a weekly basis now.


      How do sum to get the correct result as shown in pic 2?





      Pic 1




      Pic 2


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          I think there may be a few more steps needed to get the weekly sum.

          I think you will need to have the Day on the Detail shelf.

          Then, I think you can just use a WINDOW_SUM([Sales without QC]).


          The next part will be the Table Calculation settings (as shown in the screenshot below).

          Lastly, there are multiple copies of the value (because of putting the Day on the detail shelf)

          but this can be filtered down to one value by putting Index on the filter shelf,

          making it's table calc settings the same as above, and filtering to one.


          Please see the workbook attached in the Forum Thread.





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            Hi Swaroop,


            Thanks for your help


            I have tired to this but a bit confised I am tryinh get this into a weekly view but with the correct numbers added. i have a attached TWBX file for your reference