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    How do I create the following Cross-Tab structure? (attached)

    Tiago-Mateus Korynek

      I have the attached spreadsheet which is a very crude copy of what I would like to present. Currently all my calculations are being done in Excel and I am trying to migrate this over into Tableau. I have gotten all the calculations working for the fields that are displayed in the Excel spreadsheet, however I do not know how to create the same visual structure.


      The data I have presented in the Excel spreadsheet is completely made up and has no real bearing on the visual structure and unfortunately I am struggling to come up with an efficient way of sending an example workbook through with desensitised data.


      My only requirement is that the left most 3 columns are twice as big as the rest of the data fields as in the image below (this is because these stats are far more important than the others):

      Any help would be greatly appreciated and I am happy to discuss my requirements and different methods to solve this.