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    Tableau as an interactive BI tool (cube)

    anoosha shetty

      Hi to all experts out here -


      Problem statement :

      I have certain set  of users asking for the "excel cube" to tackle their following needs -

      1.  slice and dice the attributes  and query and get the visualisations they want.

      2.  basically something interactive where around 10 analysts can  query/ drag and drop attributes  and create vaisualizations at the same time.


      Solution proposed by me :

      • As majority of our backend data sets is  on cloud and Immediately what struck my mind is the query running cost involved in if we have to set up an SQL server based excel cube on that data (Sitting in cloud)


      • So , On the same note we do use Tableau  in our company extensively , but mostly as a static reporting tool . I know the  tableau web browser it provides user the capability of "editing" workbook , hence giving the flexibility to user to drag and drop attributes which are already available in the embedded datasource in the workbook and create worksheets of their own  in web.


      My idea is to pitch this to our users .

      • I can  create a backend datasource and plug it to empty workbook with one sheet and publish it to server  .Once the workbook is published , I can play around with edit permissions to the certain specific users and ask the users  to edit and drag and drop and create charts of their wish  on the browser and then do a "save as" of the file  to get their own version of sheet on the tableau server.


      I wanted to hear from all of your experiences that -

      1. Does this solution  make sense ? and going to scale?
      2. And is it optimal  when compared to excel cube ?
      3. Is there any issues any of you have faced by the above  solution approach?
      4. pros and cons if there is any ?