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    Show PIE Chart in Percent of Different calculated dimensional values

    Vidya Sagar Malla



      I am a new bee. I have a simple requirement. From the below data I want to create a PIE chart. PIE chart should show 3 slices of Top Category AUM (Top 5 Products = 25%, Next 10 Products = 25% and The Rest = 50%). I know I a need to use some LOD in AUM rank but no luck. A help would be much appreciated.


      Top Category AUM is a calculated column:

      IF [AUM Rank]<= [topn] then 'Top '+STR([topn])+' Products'
      ELSEIF [AUM Rank]> [topn] and [AUM Rank]<= [nextn]
      THEN 'Next '+STR([nextn])+' Products'
      else 'The Rest'

      AUM Rank is also a calculated column:

      RANK(SUM([Total AUM]))


      PIE Should look like this: