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    Gannt chart - machine availability - Merge failure during the same time

    Tamas Tyukos

      Hi everyone,


      I am facing a problem, which I cannot solve.

      My problem is that I have a lot of data about machine failures (this contains which machine, what failure was on the machine and when.) I provide example excel, which contains a part of the data.


      The problem is that there are failures, which run simultaneously, and if I try to calculate machine availability from it, it will count both of failures instead of the real downtime.


      How can I create a good calculation that either merges these failures together, or modify in a way that machine availability will be correct?


      There are multiple problems:

      - In the provided example Failure 1 starts during failure 3 (Regarding machine availability it should be counted as from failure 3 start->failure 3 end and failure 3 end ->failure 1 end.)

      - Failure 2 is during failure 1, so it should not be counted.

      - Also there can be more than two failures run simultaneously.


      Thank you all in advance for any replies, any help is very appreciated.